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At Foundations Christian Academy, our goal is to provide a nurturing, supportive atmosphere that allows every student to reach their God-given potential and discover their true identity and worth. We understand that every student is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses, so we take a holistic approach to teaching, taking into account the academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of each student. We create personalized curriculums for each student, tailored to their individual needs and interests, which are taught in small classes of 8 to 10 students.

Our teachers are experienced in helping those with learning differences and use a compassionate, caring and creative approach to teaching. Additionally, our school specializes in customizing learning to meet individual needs. We are particularly well-suited for those with a variety of learning differences and are trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). We believe in providing a safe and encouraging environment that allows every student to develop and build a strong foundation for their future.

Additionally, 46% of our student population are on reduce tuition and 61% of those students have scholarships through ACE Scholarships.

Kids in Preschool

Foundations Christian Academy (FCA) is a faith-based, K-8 private academy providing an individualized, trauma-informed, therapeutic education for children with learning differences, empowering these children to achieve their God-given potential in a safe, inclusive and transformative environment.


Young Painter

Foundations Christian Academy (FCA) believes all children, no matter their ability or socioeconomic status, be valued, respected and included receiving a high-quality education in a healthy environment tailored to their individual needs building strong biblical, educational and social foundations, creating meaningful opportunities and plans for a successful future.


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