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At Foundations Christian Academy, we understand the immense value of a quality education, and we are deeply committed to providing it to all our students. We believe that financial support plays a pivotal role in making this commitment a reality. Our Partners in Mission are the cornerstone of our educational journey, providing essential support that has a profound impact on our students and their families. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Partners in Mission for their unwavering dedication to our shared vision of accessible and transformative education.

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In the realm of philanthropy, the names Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Anderson stand as pillars of unwavering support for Foundations Christian Academy. These two individuals, partners in life and in their commitment to education, have made a profound impact on our institution.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson's dedication to the core values of Foundations Christian Academy has been unwavering. Their contributions have been instrumental in driving meaningful progress within our school.

Their donations extend far beyond financial support; they represent a genuine belief in the transformative power of education. The Andersons' steadfast commitment to the betterment of our institution is palpable and has left a lasting imprint on our community.

Together, they have shown us the importance of compassion, generosity, and the responsibility of nurturing young minds. The contributions of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Anderson have significantly enriched the educational experiences of our students, leaving an indelible mark on our institution. We are profoundly grateful for their enduring support and dedication to our mission.

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The school is delighted to recognize Hometown Bank for its outstanding generosity. The bank's support has played a pivotal role in providing vital programs, resources, and a nurturing environment for special education students. Through the bank's financial contributions and active involvement in the school's events and workshops, it has empowered the students and brightened their futures. The school extends its heartfelt gratitude to Hometown Bank for making a lasting impact on the community.

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LifePoint is a church located in League City with a passion to help people know God and grow in their relationships so that they can discover their purpose and impact the world. LifePoint believes that the church is not a place, but a people. Their desire is to give people a place where they can encounter the goodness of Jesus in loving community.



ACE Scholarships provide children of lower-income families with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12, and they advocate for expanded school choice. They believe strongly that every child has equal access to a quality education. They partner with us in order to provide kids with low economic backgrounds a faith based quality education. 



Tommy is the President and CEO of Open Door Mission and has been so gracious as to partner with Foundations Christian Academy. Open Door Mission in Houston, Texas is an independent faith-based non-profit organization. They are an evidence-based​ recovery and rehabilitation program and facility dedicated to transforming the lives of the most severely addicted, destitute, homeless and disabled men in the Houston community.



Jessica Hatch is the founder of Hatching for Health. She was inspired to start Hatching for Health out of the idea that there are thousands of people out there without a voice. Without a voice to speak for themselves, to fight for themselves, and to stand up for themselves. She is a voice for others to bring awareness to rare diseases, conditions, and disorders. We are honored to have her come alongside our school and support the many kids that we have who need special care. 



The Dash Gordon Foundation exists to stimulate and build awareness of the Special Needs, Disabled, and At-Risk Communities. They are empowered by the gifts God has given them.  They are motivated by the happiness, smiles, and tears of joy that they see from the people in the communities they support.  Dash Gordon and the Dash Gordon foundation give all glory to God and are eternally grateful for the opportunity to share His love with everyone.



The Get Together is a network of business men and women from across the city who collaboratively join together to respond to needs of Christ-centered organizations. Their focus is on getting people involved in serving ministries in our city. We are so excited to partner with a Christ-centered organization that connects so many individuals and businesses

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